Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that has proved its effectiveness for decades. As the popularity of Pilates exercises continue to grow so does the many opportunities to create unnecessary soft tissue problems for the average client. That is the very reason Big Toe Studio only hires Certified Pilates Teachers with a strong background in understanding the relationship of Pilates exercises with post rehab issues. Clients that come to a Pilates studio are seeking a stronger, more functional body that can perform average daily actives gracefully and with little pain or discomfort. The science of Pilates as a problem solving physical exercise program requires exceptional knowledge in creating a sequential order of choices that produce a safe, effective and fun experience that allows each client to fully embrace the Pilates experience. Pilates produces amazing results for the mind and body but the Certified Pilates Teacher needs to always be aware that each client is unique in fitness level, orthopedic issues and level of motivation. That is the key to being a really successful Certified Pilates Teacher; understanding that Pilates is a science to help clients, thoroughly understand the modification principles and expertly create exercise learning sequences for each individual’s personal needs. Study-Practice-Review indeed!