The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.

Joseph H Pilates

“I have to share that Pilates is simply the best form of strength and flexibility exercise that I have experienced. With focused movement patterns and consistency, the results are amazing!  Strong ligaments and tendons of primary joints, muscles properly lengthened, healthy spinal articulation, coordinated movement with dedicated breathing…..

Pilates is uniquely amazing as it is completely challenging…….Pure fun!

–Don Spence, Big Toe Studio Pilates Program Director

Introductory Session

The introductory session is used to personalize the Pilates experience by learning how the student learns and sharing how the Pilates teacher teaches. This introductory session is the best way to listen to a student’s experience and goals for their Pilates journey. Whether the goal is improved overall fitness, coming back from an injury, or just experiencing the wondrous of the Pilates Method of increased health, BTS creates an individualized Pilates program that works towards safely achieving the stated goals of the student. The introductory session includes actual exercises on the Pilates equipment, filling out several forms, and always time to answer specific questions. Please bring clothes to move comfortably in.

Our Big Toe Studio Pilates instructors work hard to provide a relaxing and non-competitive atmosphere so that you can put your focus 100% on safely progressing with your personal Pilates practice.

Privates, Small Group Classes, Special Events


Private sessions are customized to accommodate students schedules seven days a week with daytime, evenings, and weekend appointments. Simply call to set up an introductory session and during that time the Pilates teacher will help to find the best times to work with each individuals schedules. Private sessions are recommended for students that require extra Pilates training before attending Small Group Classes, extra training on specific equipment or students that simply enjoy one on one training with a very experienced Pilates teacher.

Small Group Classes

The future indeed!

Pilates is a science of precise, well designed movements that should be fun and rewarding. BTS specializes in small group classes which allows each student to focus on exercise choices that make sense for their current state of fitness and allows each person to proceed at their own pace on all of the different choices of Pilates equipment at the studio.

Special Events

Big Toe Studio recognizes that special events in a person’s life happens for many reasons. Weddings, athletic competitions, pre/post-surgery, and amazing beach vacations. We have developed specialty programs to support the goals related to the upcoming event. The Special Events program follows the same model as privates but can accommodate for couples and small group training sessions of friends or family.


Every Pilates session is a full 60 minute experience.

Introductory Session

$30 for the 60 minute introductory session.

Private Pilates Sessions

$80.00 for a single session.

The cost is lowered with packages of 10, 20 sessions or more for a custom package. The more sessions purchased the increased value of additional sessions is added in to the cost.

Small Group Classes

Big Toe Studio has added 21 group classes back to the schedule! Our change to a limited number of students per group class enhances the safety of the studio and allows fresh air mitigation, thorough cleaning, and a full 60 minute experience.

A single Pilates group class is $27.00

A package of 10 is $240

Special Events

Please contact Big Toe Studio to share your needs and time frames so that we may assist you in a successful preparation for the big event!


Big Toe Studio has very affordable packages available for all categories of student interest. At Big Toe Studio all Pilates training include Reformers, Combo Chairs, Cadillac Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Pilates Mat work, Spring boards, Bohdi Suspension System’s and more!

Call us today to see how we can help you start reshaping your life.

Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things

Joseph H Pilates