By: Ginny Maillet, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC

If you’re looking for a relaxation tool that really works, be sure to explore powerful heart-based techniques. Easily accessible (once you learn the simple one minute technique you have it at your immediate disposal), these approaches teach you to generate and focus on positive emotions (appreciation, love, abundance, joy, compassion), attain a sense of calm and relaxation – on purpose.

The heart based techniques just feel so good – and feeling good amplifies the power of your heart, sending signals of happiness and relaxation to your brain, and changing the biochemistry of your body. For most people this results in a deep level of calmness very quickly and easily.

The Institute of Heart Math has spent nearly twenty years of scientific research on the heart, the heart ‘brain’, the impact of stress on our heart, and how we can engage positive emotions and reduce our stress levels. These techniques, which are called “heart resonance” or “heart coherence,” have been trademarked through (

To learn how to do this technique, you can work with a certified Heartmath™ coach, listening to the wisdom of your heart as a path to inner peace and more joy. How cool is that?

Ginny Maillet RN, MSN, WHNP-BC – of Transitions-Integrative Therapies for Holistic Health is a fully trained as a HeartMathTM coach and can work with you to lower stress, build resilience, and achieve a sense of calm and well-being within your life. Please contact Ginny at Big Toe Studio for more information on this amazing tool.