Well, yes and yes!

At Big Toe Studio we answer the often repeated question, “Will I lose weight doing Pilates?” with the answer, “Weight loss begins in the kitchen.” Our philosophy is, if you feel better you will make healthier choices.  Whereas Pilates primarily focuses on strength and flexibility, there can be implications for weight loss as well. The residual effects of feeling better, experiencing less pain and discomfort, and visually looking better often lead to changes in lifestyle choices. From the post-op referred clients sent to us from Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and health care providers, to the bride-to-be, mom of the bride-to-be, and the athlete who wants a stronger, leaner body, all can benefit from the positive results of Pilates. After every Pilates session at the studio, our clients are encouraged to drink more water, decrease sugar, and walk with good posture. We are confident that our clientele would answer the age old question is “Pilates good for weight loss?” with a very loud, resounding, “Yes!”