By Fay Porter, LMT

Almost anyone can run a marathon.  Getting to the finish line all in one piece is an entirely separate matter.  At Big Toe Studio we say: “It’s easy to train, but self care is the difficult part.”  Any goal requires not just careful planning and execution, but support.  Overtraining and injury are very real possibilities when you start a new exercise program.  As you begin to learn your own limits and as your body learns the new movement patterns, strain, overuse, and poor body mechanics become a concern.

Sports massage provides not only relaxation, but utilizing specific techniques resets your muscle length and tone, prevents scar tissue from building up, and facilitates the removal of lactic acid from your muscles which reduces soreness post-exercise. A massage therapist specifically trained in sports massage techniques can assess your body mechanics, provide facilitated stretching, break down scar tissue, reduce inflammation, increase flexibility and range of motion, and encourage muscular balance.

Effective sports massage is an important element in not only reaching optimum performance levels, but in maintaining them.  As your body reaches peak effectiveness in your activities, it becomes even more important to provide yourself with regular self care.  The increased circulation and lymph drainage from sports massage decreases the inflammation levels that can build up in old injury sites and with the regular use of muscles as you train more often.  This means you can go out, play harder, play more often, and hurt less.  And life is really all about play anyway, right?

Let us get you on track to become and stay your best self.