By Fay Porter, LMT

It can be so difficult when we’re going through a traumatic time.  Whether it’s a divorce or the loss of a loved one, stress, anxiety, and depression can all take their toll on our productivity and patience levels. This is hard because these are the times when we need our emotional and physical reserves the most.  Add lack of sleep, a suffering diet, and schedule changes to the mix, and you have a recipe for a physical breakdown.

An emotionally supportive massage gives you the space you need to hit the “reset” button.  60 to 90 minutes of physical care for your body, mind, and spirit gives you a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and recollect yourself.  A well-trained therapist has the ability to hold space and to meet you where you are in that moment.  Angry, sad, happy, or introverted and quiet, your therapist can support you as she guides you to pay attention to your breath and focus on the feelings you experience in your body through the session.

With your massage therapist you can come in exactly as you are in that moment, and feel safe and supported in experiencing that, or in just fully immersing yourself in the relaxation and serenity of your massage. Give yourself the gift of letting yourself be supported– if even for only 60 minutes.  Difficulties, stress, and changes all require more self care from us as we transition ourselves into new stages.  A big piece of this is giving yourself the time and space to feel safe and supported and to just let go.

Massage also has the benefit of supporting your body by encouraging your hormonal and nervous systems to relax, reset, and neutralize.  When we are stressed, anxious, or depressed, our nervous system and hormones change dramatically in our bodies.  The supported environment of massage combined with physical massage techniques supports your body in making healthy changes and bringing you back to more normal levels.  The more often you receive massage, the greater the benefits to your body, and the longer you will feel the results. Many people find massage to be absolutely essential to them as they go through major life changes.  Let us support you as you move forward in life.