Privates, Couples, 6-Person Group Classes

Pilates (noun /pɪˈlɑteɪz/) is a system of exercise designed by Joseph Pilates to correct musculoskeletal alignment and to encourage full body functional fitness. At Big Toe Studio we take this one step further with our focus on the Modification Principle, which allows us to modify movement patterns based upon your individual needs for your comfort and safety as you progress onward in your fitness journey.

"I have to share that Pilates is simply the best form of strength and flexibility exercise that I have experienced. With focused movement patterns and consistency the results are amazing!  Strong ligaments and tendons of primary joints, muscles properly lengthened, healthy spinal articulation, coordinated movement with dedicated breathing.....

Pilates is as easy as it is tough.......Pure fun!"  

--Don Spence, Big Toe Pilates Studio Program Director

Individualized Attention in Group Classes

At Big Toe Studio, we continue our individualized attention in our group classes.  Our group classes are limited to six participants at a time so that we can keep the focus on you.  Typically each student will be working on a different movement pattern that is in alignment with their personalized Pilates fitness plan. Our Big Toe Pilates instructors work hard to provide a relaxing and non-competitive atmosphere so that you can put your focus 100% on safely progressing with your personal Pilates practice.

First Visit and Assessment

All new Pilates students must first take a one-hour individual assessment class. This allows us to assess how best to tailor Pilates movements for your individual needs.  After the initial assessment if your eventual goal is to join group classes, it occasionally makes sense to complete a couple of private instruction sessions for your safety and education before progressing into the group environment. For those who are serious about addressing correct body mechanics, or who have specific rehabilitation goals, ongoing private instruction provides dedicated attention for your specific situation.

Please plan to wear loose-fitting clothing when attending.


Initial Assessment

$50 for a 60 minute session.

Individual Packages

Individualized packages are available upon request, and may include massage, private instruction, and group classes.

Group Classes

Join us for a drop-in session for $20 (the initial assessment must be completed before a student can drop in to group classes). Group class packages start at ten sessions for $180.

Private Instruction

Individual private instruction starts at $70 per 60 minute session, with great packages available, which are customized to your specific wellness needs.

Semi-Private Instruction

Semi-private classes are also available at $40 per person, per session.

Call us today to see how we can help you start reshaping your life.

Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.....Joseph Pilates


Big Toe Studio, Pilates in Fort Collins, CO
Big Toe Studio, Pilates in Fort Collins, CO
Big Toe Studio, Pilates in Fort Collins, CO
Big Toe Studio, Pilates in Fort Collins, CO