Big Toe Pilates Studio

It’s all about you at Big Toe Studio,

Northern Colorado’s premier Pilates Studio and Private Occupational Teacher Training school. Beginning with an initial assessment on the first day of your Pilates program. Our attention is focused on you, creating a customized program allowing you to safely reach your personal fitness goals.

"Change happens through movement and movement heals"...., Joseph Pilates


Our group classes are limited to six participants at a time so that we can keep the focus on you..  Click here to learn more.

Not a fan of group classes? We also offer individualized classes tailored to your body's needs.  Click here to learn more.

We combine abilities and modalities to bring you a variety of tools to support you in all of your wellness needs. Click here to learn more.

Big Toe Studio delivers comprehensive Pilates Teacher training designed to follow the basic format of classical Pilates training.  Click here to learn more.