Massage Therapy

We are excited to be able to provide one of the most comprehensive Massage Therapy programs in the Fort Collins area.  At Big Toe Studio we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients as individuals, everything from Rehabilitative Clinical Massage to Relaxing and Emotionally Supportive Massage. We combine abilities and modalities to bring you a variety of tools to support you in all of your wellness needs.  After all, it’s all about you.

We currently provide a variety of massage including:

Swedish Massage: lighter, relaxing, and increasing overall circulation and detoxification

Sports Massage: increasing flexibility and range of motion, injury prevention, and muscular rebalancing

Clinical Massage: treating trigger points, injury, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and helping you to increase your overall activity level

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: opening the fascial envelope, increasing range of motion, and easing discomfort

Aromatherapy: relaxing, detoxifying, and emotionally supportive, can be combined with a relaxation/ wellness massage or with a more clinical/ sports-styled massage

Wellness/ Self Care Massage: regular massage to maintain chronic pain or discomforts, and to keep you living at your peak potential

Prenatal Massage: supporting you through all of the stages of pregnancy to alleviate discomforts and increase overall wellness

Infant Massage: hands-on time with our therapists where they teach you techniques that you can use at home for your child— especially helpful for wee ones experiencing jaundice, eczema, colic, or sleep difficulties

Hot Stone Massage: using basalt stones warmed in water, the stones can be added to any of the massage styles we offer



  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $60
  • 90 minutes – $90

Purchase 5 or more massages in a package and save 10%.

*******To respect the time of our therapists, we require a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Requests to modify appointments received less than 24 hours from the appointment time will result in a full charge on account for the previously scheduled appointment. **